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Premium function, why is it there. What can I gain from it?


Premium exists cheaply for about €2.50 a month (donation) which is by no means a must. This function allows you go gain access into a new area where you can buy and sell sertan items which is not available (For now) without it. The reason for this is simple, an support income for the game-server(s).

There is nothing game-breaking inside the premium area, inside it exists (More shops, buyable, sellable) items such as loot/house decoration. A new city (Still to come) where you can live freely with amazing decorations, may come to contain a boss.

Keep in mind, there is no need for premium account to found guilds or own an house. However, there are monthly payments (gold) that requires to be witin the bank.

Access point[]

You can access the premium mirror by right-clicking upon it.

Premium mirror.gif

Premium Prices[]

Days Price
30 150points
90 450points
180 900points
360 1800points