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Astral Sources are items that are used as reagents for imbuements.

The list may be outdated, will be updated soon. Aslong as you see this message, they may be outdated.
Astral Source Count Imbuements
Orc Tooth 5 Basic Chop

Intricate Chop

Powerful Chop

Frazzle Skin 1 Powerful Blockade
Battle Stone 1 Intricate Chop

Powerful Chop

Broken Shamanic Staff 1 Intricate Epiphany

Powerful Epiphany

Elven Scouting Glass 1 Basic Precision

Intricate Precision

Powerful Precision

Flask of Embalming Fluid 5 Basic Lich Shroud

Intricate Lich Shroud

Powerful Lich Shroud